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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I love to code, reverse engineer software, and build things from scratch.  I always strive to deliver high-quality code by taking immense responsibility for any project. In fact, before coming to Boston for graduate school, I worked as a cloud solutions team lead for nearly three years at Crowe LLP, a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm. As a cloud solutions team lead, I managed a team of 5 members and worked across various cloud technology and software development tasks and projects; the most notable project I led consisted of implementing a microservice architecture using Spring Boot (JAVA) and subsequently deploying it within Kubernetes. I finalized the project by securing it with an Azure Active Directory. Please feel free to check out my blog posts on and to learn more about my thoughts about these technologies! 

I continuously improve and sharpen my coding skills through HackerRank and LeetCode; I utilize Python for competitive coding projects and JAVA/Javascript for software development. Similarly, I am also refining my expertise in Data Science through various projects on Kaggle. I have won 5 bronze medals in HackerRank Weekly competitions. Additionally, I have cleared five out of six rounds of the Eyantra Robotics competition, and I also cleared two out of three rounds in Code Vita.
Additionally, my professional experience has granted me opportunities to work across various cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, Microsoft Azure, microservice architecture, distributed systems, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, and Spring Boot.  Specifically, with Microsoft Azure, I have worked with multiple resources such as Azure function, API management, Azure Kubernetes Service, Application Insights, Azure Web App, Azure SQL, Logic Apps, Application Gateways, Service Bus, Signal R, and Azure Blockchain Workbench. 


Please check my GitHub. to learn about my projects.